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In Better Hands was founded because of our concern for the epidemic of child trafficking; which generates billions of dollars each year through exploitation. We work to protect children in Asia by rescuing or helping at-risk children who are abandoned, abused, hungry, in danger of being trafficked or have been trafficked.


Our vision is to minister to the lives of the children we rescue holistically; spiritually, physically, socially and educationally. Ultimately our desire is to instill a Christian foundation into their lives - rescuing them for Christ. 


Each rescued child is provided good health and dental care, a well-balanced diet and a Christian education in a loving, secure family environment. Our ministry homes are purposively kept small as a means of maintaining a nurturing family environment. We also provide families with support in feeding, educating and caring for their children; keeping families together whenever possible through our Hope for the Village programs. 


Seth & Hlawn Hlawn, Jason, Noah & Abigail are based in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Seth serves as the Executive Director for IBH & Hlawn Hlawn as an IBH Liaison for Myanmar. In Addition to this Seth also serves as the Asia Assistant | Event Planning & Host for Teams with Free Methodist World Missions.  

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