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Mark's Story

Mark's father died when he was very young. Mark's mother re-married but she also died a few years later. Mark's step father was the only person left ​in his life who was supposed to care for him. Mark's step father physically abused him! Mark suffered severe abuse for a couple years prior to In Better Hands hearing about him and intervening on his behalf. After talking with Mark's step father and convincing him to sign off his rights to Mark, we placed Mark in one of our loving In Better Hands homes. Mark now has other children his age to interact with, other children that were also rescued from similar situations. Mark has a long way to go in his recovery, he has many deep scars all across his chest and back that remind him of the abuse he endured. Mark is learning daily about the love of Jesus and growing in His grace.


Grace's Story

Grace was born on November 2, 2015. Early on in the pregnancy, her teenage mother and grandmother left their village and made their way to a bigger city in search of a clinic to abort the baby. Our In Better Hands house mother living in this city came in contact with the young pregnant mother and after hearing their plan for the abortion invited them to live in the house to finish out the pregnancy. Our house mother said that she would raise the baby if she was willing to carry out the pregnancy, the young mother agreed to this. We praise God for Grace!


Pauline's Story

Pauline was born July 18, 2016. Pauline's mother was only 14 years old when she was raped by her school teacher. After a few months, her parents found out about the pregnancy, not wanting others in the village to know, her parents kicked her out of the house. The young mother, not knowing what to do, decided to travel into the city and seek an abortion. Coming in contact with our house mother in this city, she was invited to live in the house and give birth. Our In Better Hands house mother is now raising Pauline and we found a sponsor to send the young girl to a Christian school to finish her education.


David's Story

David's father sold his 13 year old daughter to a trafficker for drug money. Just weeks after this, David's mother, not having anything to do with the sale of their daughter, died (we believe from a broken heart). Some time passed and David's father then made it known that he was willing to sell David for $50. Hearing the situation and knowing that we needed to keep David safe, we paid the $50 to the father. David is still very angry with his father for breaking apart his family but he is doing exceptionally well in one of our In Better Hands homes.


Lina's Story

Lina was found peddling for money & food on the streets of Phnom Penh. With no parents or family to care for her, Lina was very much on her own & just trying to survive. She was rescued and placed in Lydia's Family. Lina is growing up to be a sweet girl who now has the love of a family and the opportunity to attend school. God is good!

PiseySok 20006.jpg

Pisey Sok's Story

Pisey Sok's mother was sold to a trafficker when she was just 13 years old. At risk of history repeating itself, IBH was able to step in and offer support to her grandmother in raising Pisey through child sponsorship. Through our Hope for thee Village program in Cambodia, Pisey attends school, is medically cared for, her family are fed & most importantly she is learning about Jesus!

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